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River Rafting In Nepal - 1 Day

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Price : $55.00 : 3000.00

1 Day

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Duration: 01 Days

Location: Kathmandu - Pokhara

Price: USD 55 INR: 3,000


Nepal River Rafting - The fact that you want to raft down Nepal's challenging rivers means that you have long ago graduated from the nursery school of "Row, row, row you boat" The many "raft-able" rivers in Nepal meander between canyons villages and virgin forests, wildlife, like needle through thread weaving the country's rich tapestry of ethno-culture and bio-diversity. Originating in the bowels of the Himalayas, these rivers flow across the length and breadth of Nepal and neighboring India, before emptying mostly into the Bay of Bengal.

What we provided:

All Rafting and Kayaking Equipment Waterproof bags for personal gears | Helmet Life Jacket | Paddle Transportation | Food Kayak & Raft Instructions | Camping and Cooking Equipment Waterproof Barrels & First aid kit

What you need:

Sleeping Bag & Mat | T-Shirt & Shorts | River Sandal | Sun Tan Lotion-Lip Cream | Towel | Personal Toiletries | Water Bottle | Torch Light | Sun Glass | Camera (We have waterproof containers, | final responsibility is yours) | Half Pant | Sun Hats.

River Classification of Difficulty:

Class: 1 Easy:

Moving water with occasional small rapid, few or no obstacles. 

Class: 2 Moderate:

Small rapid with regular waves. Some manoeuving required but easy to native.

Class: 3 Difficult:

Rapids with irregular waves and hazards that need avoiding.More difficult manoeuving required but routes are normally obvious. Scouting from the shore is occasionally necessary.

Class: 4 Very Difficult:

Large rapid that require careful manoeuving. Dangerous hazards. Scouting from the shore is often necessary and rescue is usually difficult. kayakers should be able to roll. Turbulent water & large irregular waves may flip rafts. In the event of a mishap there is significant risk of loss, damage and/or injury.

Class: 5 Extremely difficult:

Continuous, powerful, confused water makes route finding difficult and scouting from the shore is essential.Precise manicuring is critical and for kayakers, rolling ability needs to be 100%. Rescue is very difficult or impossible and in the event of a mishap there is a significant hazard to life.

Class: 6 Nearly impossible:

Difficulties of class 6 carried to the extremely of navigatibility. Might possibly (but not probably) be run by a team of experts at the right water level in the right conditions with all possible safety precautions, but still with considerable hazard to life.


October through mid-December and March through early May are the best times. It is possible in winter, but you have to watch out for hypothermia. During monsoon (June to September), the white water sections are dangerous, but gentler stretches are run-able.


- Safety is the most important part of any river trip. Choosing a professional veteran rafting guide is the first -step. So it helps to abide by the following tips:

- Pick your river with care. Seek information from river guide before raft. Literature on river levels and difficulty.
- There should be a minimum of two rafts per trip, So that one can help when a fall happens from the other.
- Carry first-aid kit, Survival and rescue gear.
- Check to see that end loops and the leash are adequate before you push off. This makes it easier to keep hold of your boat when swimming big rapids, and also in the event of rescue.
Be a team person, paddle synchronously.
For boats, paddles and helmets, loud colors are recommended.
Wear life jackets and helmets, properly too
Keep your feet and arms inside the raft at all time.
When you fall off into a rapid, float on your back, with your feet downstream.


Bhote Kosi River: Raft Profile

Trisuli River: Trip Profile:
Duration: 1 or 2 Days (Overnight) 
Departure Point: Kathmandu / Pokhara
Rafting Starting Point: Charudi or Fishling (Depend on Water Volume)
Rafting Ending Point: Fishling /Chum Khola / Kurintar / Mugling or 5 Kilo.
River Grade - Class II-III
River Distance: 40 Kms
Onward Travel Time: 2.5 hrs (One Day)
Return Time: 4 hours (Pokhara / Kathmandu / Chitwan)
Chitwan: 2 hours / 4 Hours Pokhara & Kathmandu
Departure: Every Day - Fixed & Guranteed Departure.

Duration: 1 Day
Departure Point: Kathmandu
Rafting Starting Point: Lomosangu- Dam
Rafting Ending Point:Dolalghat Bazaar
River Grade - Class III-V
River Distance: 20 Kms
Onward Travel Time: 4 hrs
Return Time: 3 hours (Kathmandu)
Departure: Fix and on request


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