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Damodar Kund Yatra

Chardham Yatra Ex. Haridwar

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09 Nights 10 Days

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Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days

Location: Haridwar - Barkot - Kharsali– Yamunotri - Uttarkashi - Guptkashi - Sitapur - Sonprayag – Kedarnath - Govindghat - Badrinath - Joshimath – Rudraprayag

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Itinerary Overview


Day 1: Haridwar – Barkot (205 Km / 7 to 8 hrs)

Day 2: Barkot/ Kharsali– Yamunotri – Barkot (48 Km / 2 hrs& Start trek 05 KM Each Side)

Day 3: Barkot – Uttarkashi (100 Km/ 4 hrs Journey)

Day 4: Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Uttarkashi (100 Km / 3 to 4 hrs Each Side)

Day 5: Uttarkashi – Guptkashi /Sitapur (190 Km / 8 to 9 hrs)

Day 6: Guptkashi – Sonprayag – Kedarnath (30 Km + 20 Km trek)

Day 7: Kedarnath –Sitapur to Govindghat (170kms, 6hrs by road), Height: 3134m

Day 8: Govindghat to Badrinath (25kms/1hrs) Height: 3300m

Day 9: Badrinath – Joshimath – Rudraprayag (165 Km / 5 to 6 hrs)

Day 10: Rudraprayag –Srinagar-Devprayag- Rishikesh – Haridwar (160 Km / 5 to 6 hrs)

Uttarakhand Char Dham

Spirituality holds an important part in the life of the mortals. Pilgrimage tour of any kind actually takes us close to our religious belief. India is a multicultural land with different religious faiths. In a pilgrimage tour, one attains the mental bliss. In these pilgrimage destinations, everyone gets insights of different religious practices in the mainland of India. This tour is considered as the most sacred tour packages across India. Due to rich mythological histories, everyone knows about Chardham as the heavenly abodes of God. This pilgrimage site was introduced by the profound religious thinker, AdiShankaracharya. In the 8th century, this intellectual sage revived the practices of Hindu religion. This Chardhamyatra brings the pilgrims close to their devoted god. Badrinath (heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu), Kedarnath (abode of Lord Shiva), Gangotri (abode of Shakti Ganga) and Yamunotri (abode of Shakti Yamuna) are the four places located at Garhwal part of Himalayas. These pilgrimage sites are the pious source points of four rivers Alaknanda (Badrinath), Mandakini(Kedarnath), Yamuna(Yamunotri) and Ganga(Gangotri). Thousands of pilgrims travel to this sacred land in the holy pursuit of cleansing of the sins. The idea of nirvana is quite celebrated among the pilgrims. It is believed one can attain heavenly connection or salvation while traveling to this holy land.  More than 3lakhs pilgrims travel to this spiritual land all across the world. Chardham temples open on the auspicious day of AkshayaTritiya and it continues till BhaiDuj (two days after Diwali). The Chardhamyatra stands out different in the quest of spirituality.


The significance of Chardham comes to the life of pilgrims through the mythological scriptures. Lakhs of pilgrims travel to this holy land to get rid of bad Karma. From our rich mythological histories, we have noticed how the sages and gods performed penance in the high snow Cladded Mountains. You can get a sense of sacredness and spirituality in the air of Chardham sites. The spectacular sight of mountains and the chiming of bells and evening aartis will be a complete rejoicing experience for you. This spiritual journey will be a new beginning towards life. This Chardham tour will definitely change your outlook towards life. It is one of the strenuous journeys to seek the blessings of the god. Your tiredness will wipe out easily once you step into the temple premise. The sanctified ambiance will inflict a spiritual aura in you. This pilgrimage tour will rejuvenate your soul and body and show you the righteous path of spirituality.

2019 Opening Dates of Char Dham Yatra Temples with Status:-
Yamunotri Dham: The Yamunotri Temple opens on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. Opening date will be updated soon.
Gangotri Dham: The Gangotri Shrine opens on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. Opening date will be updated soon.
Kedarnath Dham: The opening of date of Kedarnath Temple is fixed and decided on the Shiva Ratri. Opening date will be updated soon.
Badrinath Dham: The opening date of Badrinath Temple is fixed on Basant Panchami by Raj Purohit. Opening date will be updated soon.


Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Haridwar – Barkot (205 Km / 7 to 8 hrs)


Your spiritual journey will start from the ancient city of Haridwar. Located at the holy banks of Ganges, this city is one of the seven most sacred places to visit for Hindus. As per mythology, Lord Shiva released goddess Ganga from his deadlocks in this holy city. If you reach the city one day before then you can go for the evening aarti on the banks of Ganges. The pilgrims make wishes and flow them in the holy water of Ganges. You will be driving to Barkot early in the morning. This small town is located in the banks of river Yamuna. On the way, you will be driving via Mussorie. After checking into the hotel rooms at Barkot, take a day rest as you will be starting your trekking to Yamunotri on the following day. You will stay overnight at Barkot.


Day 2: Barkot/ Kharsali– Yamunotri – Barkot (48 Km / 2 hrs& Start trek 5 KM Each Side)


After taking breakfast, you will be departing for JankiChatti.  It will take around 2 hours to cover the distance of 48km. From this phase onwards you will be starting your trekking for Yamunotri. It is a strenuous 5km trek along mountainous terrains. If your body does not permit the trek then you can hire horse or palanquin. The trekking across the lush valley with greenery with a good cover of rhododendrons, conifers and different kinds of shrubs will be a lifetime experience. Located at the height of 3291m, this holy shrine is located at the westernmost part. From here you can get the glimpse of Banderpuch with an elevation of 6361m. It is the source of River Yamuna, twin sister of Yama, Lord of Death. The river originally starts from Champasar glacier, located 1km ahead of the temple shrine at an elevation of 4321m. You will take a dip in the holy water of Yamuna. It is believed this river symbolizes forgiveness. So the pilgrims go to this sacred river to seek forgiveness. You can also perform pooja in the holy banks of the river. After rituals, you will be driving back to Barkot. You will stay overnight over there.


Places to visit


Yamunotri Temple

Located on the western part of the Garhwal Himalayas, this temple is devoted to Goddess Yamuna. In the inner sanctum of the temple, you will find the marble idol of goddess made out of marble. Amar Singh Thapa built this temple around 18th century but in 19th century it was damaged. The temple doors open on the auspicious day of AkshayTritiya and close on BhaiDwuj (2nd day after Diwali). If the pilgrims trek a little further, then they can observe the source of the river Yamuna. In the vicinity there are two hot springs where the hikers take bath to rejuvenate them. Surya Kund and GauriKund are the names of these two hot springs. It is believed that this water has medicinal values as well. The priests from Uniyal family perform ritual practices in the temple.


It is a small rock pillar located near Surya Kund. The pilgrims before entering the pious land of Yamunotri temple offer prayers. This pious stone slab is believed to be the source of divine light. Before engaging in any pious act, one needs to seek blessings of the eternal power. This stone is believed to be the source of ultimate power.


Day 3: Barkot – Uttarkashi (100 Km/ 4 hrs Journey)


After taking breakfast you will check out from your hotel in Barkot. Today you will be driving to Uttarkashi. This town is located on the banks of Bhagirathi River. Situated at an elevation of 1158m this holy town is very close to Rishikesh. You will feel spiritual upheaval in your mind as well. You will find out the homage of sages, hermits in this holy land. You will look after life in a completely different way after taking a journey. After exploring ashrams in the holy city of Uttarkashi, you can visit the famous Vishwanath temple. This holy temple shrine developed on the river banks of Bhagirathi. You will be amazed by the spectacular view of the mountains and the flowing river. Built by the famous sage Parshuram, this temple is now very famous the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. Pouring water on the linga of Lord Shiva is considered to be very pious. You will stay overnight at Uttarkashi.


Day 04: Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Uttarkashi (100 Km / 3 to 4 hrs Each Side)


Early in the morning you will be driving towards Gangotri. Located at the height of 3048m, this magnificent place is the point of origination of the most sacred river of India. The temple shrine is dedicated to Devi Ganga. You will find a sacred piece of stone near the temple shrine, famous for its religious significance. King Bhagirath worshiped Lord Shiva to bring goddess Ganga in the earth. You can take holy bath in the water of Ganges to follow the path of salvation. After performing necessary rituals you will be driving back to Uttarkashi.


Places to visit


Vishwanath temple

Maharani Khaneti Devi belonging to Tehri state constructed this temple devoted to Lord Shiva in 1857. The architectural style of the temple is quite old and it is believed to be one of the pious lands of worshipping lord Shiva. This temple is located at the center of the town. At the temple complex, the pilgrims will find an iron trident of massive height. This trident symbolizes divinity and is worshipped by the pilgrims from time immemorial. Within the temple complex you will find out the small shrines devoted to other gods like SakshiGopal, Ganesh and Markandeya Rishi. If you are visiting the temple complex in the morning or evening, you can witness the aarti called Akhandjyoti. It is also known as AkhandAbhishek. According to the religious scriptures of SkandaPurana, Uttarkashi is the pious land known as Saumya Varanasi, heavenly abode of Lord Shiva during Kaliyuga. It is also known as one of the 12 jyotirlingas of the divine lord.


Shakti temple

It is one of the prominent temples devoted to goddess Durga. In front of Vishwanath temple, you will find this famous temple. It has a long trident of about 6mts in height with a circumference of 90cms at the bottom. This trident symbolizes the end of every evil power. According to the religious scriptures, goddess Durga killed the evil powers with this trident. Therefore, this trident is the ultimate source of that power.


Day 05 : Uttarkashi – Guptkashi /Sitapur (190 Km / 8 to 9 hrs)


After taking breakfast, today you will be driving towards Guptakashi/Sitapur. This Garhwali town located at a height of 1319m in Rudraprayag district. This ancient city of Guptakashi has been mentioned in Mahabharata as well. After the Kurukshetra war, on the advice of Krishna, Pandavas performed penance to seek pardon from Lord Shiva. The lord was upset with their genocide acts on the battlefield and decided to be disguised in the form of the bull, Nandi. As a bull, Lord Shiva was hiding in Uttarkashi. When Bhima recognized him, Lord Shiva vanished from that place. He again reappeared in Guptakashi. This is why this town got its name from the myth of hidden Kashi. You can go to visit Deoria Tal, a small lake located on the road of Ukhimath and Chopta. You will be amazed at the mountains covered green lush valleys. At night you will be staying at Guptakashi.


Day 6: Guptkashi – Sonprayag – Kedarnath (30 Km + 20 Km trek)


Early in the morning, you will be driving towards Sonprayag after taking breakfast. It will take around 2hours to cover a distance of 31km. after reaching there you will be starting your trek towards Kedarnath. If you are physically unfit, then you can hire a pony or palanquin. This famous temple shrine located at the bank of Mandakini will give you visual pleasure. The amazing view of snow clad mountains will be an exclusive experience. The glory of Kedarnath will always allure you with the beauty of the mountains. This trekking to Kedarnath will be an awe-inspiring experience. You will be completely amazed at the view. Stay overnight at Kedarnath.


Day 7: Kedarnath –Sitapur to Govindghat (170kms, 6hrs by road), Height: 3134m


Early in the morning after taking breakfast you will be driving towards Govindghat via the path of Ukhimath. On the way, you will be visiting the winter abode of Lord Kedarnath at Ukhimath. At night you will stay at Govinghat.


Places to visit



It is a small town located in the district of Rudraprayag. It was the pious land where Anirudh, grandson of Lord Krishna married Usha. This famous pilgrimage shrine devoted to Lord Shiva, Parvati, Anirudh, Ushaand Mandhata. During winters, the royal thrones of Lord Kedarnath and Madhyamasheshwarare brought to Uktimath for worshipping. Lord Omkareshwar is also worshipped over here overall year. Only the priests of the Kedarnath temple called Rawals stay in this holy land.


Day 8: Govindghat to Badrinath (25kms/1hrs) Height: 3300m


Today you will be driving towards Badrinath after checking out from the hotel in Sitapur or Rampur. On the way, you will be driving via Joshimath. En route, you will be seeing scenic beauty via Ghat road. Mountains have always been a beauty to enjoy. This location will be equally enchanting for you on your drive to Badrinath. After checking into the hotel, you will be going for the temple visit in the evening. You will find a beautiful temple with tremendous crowds visiting the holy shrine. The temple is built near the banks of Alaknanda. You will find out the beautiful statue made of shaligram stone of Lord Vishnu in padmasana posture inside the main sanctum. The pilgrims can also take bath in TaptKund before visiting the holy sanctum of Badrinath. You will be staying the night in the hotel.


Places to visit


Tapt Kund

It is another hot spring located on the banks of river Alaknanda. On the way to Badrinath temple, one has to take bath in this hot spring to purify the soul before entering the sanctified space like Badrinath temple.

Mana Village

It is the last village that shares the borders of both India and Tibet. It is the land very famous for Indo Mongolian Tribe.


It is the famous waterfall that is located around 5kms from the main temple complex of Badrinath. To reach this beautiful waterfall one has to trek from Mana Village. The water of the falls has medicinal values as the scientists proved it by experimenting on the water. Hindus use this water for the religious purposes as well.

Bhim Pul

On the other side of Mana village, BhimPul is located. It is a huge piece of rock forming a natural bridge. This rock lies on the waters of Saraswati River. It is believed that Bhim, one of the Pandavas put this rock on the waters of Saraswati River to help Draupadi to cross the wide mouth of the river on their path to heaven. The pilgrims visit this place for its religious significance.


Day 9: Badrinath – Joshimath – Rudraprayag (165 Km / 5 to 6 hrs)


Early in the morning, you can again take bath in the holy hot water spring of TaptKund before visiting the idol of Badrivishal. This holy land is quite famous for performing rituals for ancestors. You can perform pinddaanshraddh in respect to the ancestors. After the murtidarshan, you can go for sightseeing of other places like Bhimkund, Maatamurti, VyasGufa, Mana village, mouth of river Saraswati and Bhimkund. Joshimath is believed to be the winter seat of the Lord Badrinath. The priests bring down the idol in Joshimath during winters for the pilgrims to access easily. You will be lucky enough to visit the confluence of Alaknanda and Nandakini River called Nandprayag. At night you will be staying here.


Places to visit



It is a beautiful city located on the confluence of the rivers Dhauliganga and Alaknanda. AdiShankaracharya established four significant mathsand it is one of the maths devoted to Lord Badrinath during winter season. In winters, Lord Badrinath is brought down to Joshimath for worshipping purpose. Around the city, the pilgrims will find many cities. The most important shrine is the Narshing along with the idol of Lord Vishnui. With the time, the left hand of the deity is destroyed. It is believed among the locals the day when the arm withers completely, the place will cease to exist. The gods of the valley will return to Niti Valley located at BhavishyaBadri.


Day 10: Rudraprayag –Srinagar-Devprayag- Rishikesh – Haridwar (160 Km / 5 to 6 hrs)


Early in the morning, you will be starting to drive towards Rishikesh. This spiritual city will be an amazing opportunity for you to visit. Visiting this holy will remain incomplete without seeing Ram Jhula and LaxmanJhula. Both these are the suspended bridges on the river Ganges. Many religious ashrams, yoga centers, and temples are built across this river. Ram Jhula is comparatively bigger than the other bridge, LaxmanJhula. You will find rapids in this river, so many indulge in river rafting across the Ganges. After visiting this beautiful city of Uttarakhand, you will be driving back to Haridwar. Our driver will drop you at the station to board a homebound train as per your time schedule.


Package Inclusions:


  • Neat, clean, hygienic accommodation on Twin or Double / Triple Sharing as per your preferences.
  • Inclusive of transport services for 09 Nights & 10 Days. (Ex Haridwar)
  • All Breakfast & Dinner (A mix of north, & south Indian menu).
  • All point to point sight-seeing as per given program possible in the time frame.
  • Transportation from Haridwar to Haridwar (for the designated meeting point).
  • Air Condition will work only from Delhi to Haridwar and vice versa, AC will not run in the hills.
  • All toll, tax, parking and driver allowances are included.


Package Exclusions:


  • GST, Helicopter Tickets to KedarnathJi
  • Accommodation and meals in KedarnathJi will be on direct payment,
  • Any International or Domestic Air or Rail Tickets,
  • Rest All Meals, Table drinks, laundry, porter, pony / Palaki, tips, camera fee, ropeway charges, entrance charges, travel / personal health insurance,
  • Personal expenses of the clients or any other expenses incurred due to bad weather, road closure, landslides etc. and anything not specified in cost included


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